Emerge Arts Programme, Bristol, UK

A Studio Upstairs project in collaboration with Willis Newson 


In a collaborative project between Studio Upstairs, Willis Newson and Emerge, working alongside a visual artist to coordinate a series of workshops to facilitate making of art works in all senses. The participants were referred from Emerge, the rehousing group in Bristol who work with those on their path to recovery from drug and alcohol use.  The workshops were fluid is direction and the development very much came from the participants and the work that was created.


With the initial challenges of encouraging participants to create and experiment in mediums that had never previously been used, the six week programme produced some incredible artwork and an enormous sense of creative collaboration between the participants of the group with a rewarding exhibition after the final session to display the works created and reflect of the workshop series and what had been achieved.


Miranda Wells 2019 © All rights reserved.

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Emerge Arts Project