Inside Out Mural Making

Watershed, Family Arts Festival, Bristol, UK.


As part of The Watershed’s Family Arts event, I led a workshop inspired by the Pixar film Inside Out and explored our mental health. The arts event followed a screening of Pixar’s film and invited the audience to take part in workshops that explored the ideas of memory, emotions and how all of what you experience during your youth is important in the development of your character and shapes your understanding of the world.

The workshop involved creating a huge mural in The Watershed and inviting the public to get involved. The mural was made up of the five colours of these leading as in the film and explored how the emotions mix and overlap, creating new feelings. These ideas were expressed visually, using colour blending, encouraging children to combine more than one of the emotion  to create a new colour and draw how the combination would make them feel. The workshop facilitated a conversation about the importance of emotions and how we can learn to evaluate our feelings. Additionally the workshop highlighted the importance of talking about how we feel, discussing and taking the time to think about our emotions is an important part of growing up. 

The workshop facilitated an important conversation about our mental health that highlighted the importance of sharing and discussing the challenges we face when we grow up and the extensive range of emotions that this brings.


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